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周孝正 北大荒|二手电脑桌A group of naked beggars embarrassed to follow beggar goyang, blew up the horn of the collection, for half an hour, Hu Tianhu ground in the huns tribe beggar talent XiXilala gathered for a day.Kui head, lan zhan looked at lyu3 bu4, cold eyes, flashed a touch of cold, then turned into a burning heat.However, even so, obviously also can't wash the anger of the hate of the extinction, but also surprisingly calm, first sent someone to shoot down the beggars along the way to report to the beggars, perhaps in the attack on the beggars tribe, has been prepared for this, and then in the beggars return halfway to do preparation.

"The Silver Fox tribe has also appeared!" Another exclamation, step root hurriedly come out, twist a head around, but see two directions, almost at the same time a wolf smoke, TaBaJi powder crazy, attack two tribes at the same time, how many military forces he has?At one point, Liang Xing suddenly felt the pressure around a lot less, followed by a rapid sound of horseshoes, a clear voice like thunder rang in his ear: "Liang Xing dog thief, but also recognize me Ma Tie!"周孝正 北大荒|Giffin left Hetao early in lyu3 bu4, As you go deep into the prairie, Has begun to order people secretly in the upper reaches of the xianbei river secretly built a dam to store water, The so-called xianbei river, the Ordos River, In this era, In fact, the names are not uniform, Each family has its own name, a title of generals in ancient times under the leadership of zhang embroidery and liao hua, seclusion in the vicinity of the king's court, only lyu3 bu4 commanded, can rushed into the king's court, meet lyu3 bu4, now, the king's court is the most vulnerable, in addition to lyu3 bu4 more than three hundred QinWei, there are only one thousand people stationed everywhere.

周孝正 北大荒|"I am general zhang he of hebei province, nobody, don't come up to die!" Zhang he leaping horse Yang gun, kill to ma dai direction, in the hands of a point of steel gun, by horse speed, stab to ma dai face door.Chapter 13 tiger fastened in the guanzhong, wei yan war coss"Enough!" Xu togeher stared at cao cao fiercely and said, "don't keep it from me. You've run out of hay in your army." Said will rob from cao cao there documents handed to cao cao.

At the foot of the male broad sea ran like the wind, heard the rear wind ring, the subconscious flash, but zhang he this arrow tricky, male broad sea although with instinct to avoid the key, but the arrow or shot through his shoulder, male broad sea stuffy hum 1, step didn't stop, quickly rushed out of the gate."This is natural, cloud also admires Wen Hou to be a person. Zhaoyun su rong way, this is his commitment to Addis, Addis smell speech, didn't say more, more than half a year of getting along, two people already know each other very well, the man said, even if it is knife and fire, will not change half a point."No." Zhaoyun shook his head and said, "Just Shi Yuan, don't you always despise Wen Hou and always want to leave?"周孝正 北大荒|




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