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tvb潜行狙击|石泉县城关中学People smell speech, can not help but look at each other, so unknown, had to bow to promise 1, their departure.When the tiger was locked up, Lyu3 bu4 mighty, To be number one in the world, the name of valor is unparalleled, At that time lombardi to preserve strength, let two people supervise hay, Failed to catch up with the war, after every mention of lyu3 bu4, there is always disobedience, later lyu3 bu4 had a period of time to lombardi, two people want to take the opportunity to challenge, but at that time both sides are friends, lyu3 bu4 new arrivals, also not too offended lombardi love, is to have been unable to world war I, now heard of opportunity to meet lyu3 bu4, have to rise up."Master, we sent!"

"Divide the army into four thousand men, and round the city put arrows, without stopping!" D cold track, on the day he lost to seibel, then lost to lyu3 bu4 hand, in the heart, but also therefore, concentrate on collecting lyu3 bu4 these years of fighting, especially recently transferred to a thousand miles of battle, for d, much, now he will use lyu3 bu4 method of warfare to break the city.Lyu3 bu4 looked at the map Han De pointed out the location, nodded and said: "Notify d, let him bring troops to meet herding horse slope, in addition, send someone to inform seibel, zhang liao, cioffi, as soon as possible to the border migration of troops, to wuwei formation of the encirclement! Order the whole army, three more tomorrow, five more, must not be mistaken!""Throw it out." Lyu3 bu4 frowned, waved.tvb潜行狙击|Now gathered in hanyang and even stability around the west cool army more and more, d also don't have the confidence to hold for a month.

tvb潜行狙击|"Your excellency should at least consider for the people of the whole city, the war together, it is inevitable that innocent people will be affected." Li you face flashed a touch of mockery."Here!" Pound saw d mind has decided, know again advised useless, had to bow down to take life, quickly ordered four generals, each with a team of one thousand people, around the city put arrows, at the same time, d recruit close to the guard, take material, make a simple hit wood, ready to siege.Halfway down the road, Han thought about it and said to Li, "Send someone to inform Cheng Yin, and send another 50,000 people over!"

"Master, hanoi satrap miu shang and a bunch of officials want to take advantage of the chaos to escape, has been taken, please master." Chen Xing waved his hand, including Miu Shang, all were pressed to kneel on the ground.Liang Xing reluctantly blocked d shot, but around the soldiers are not so lucky, three thousand shots fell, many soldiers didn't even have time to shout, was a cold shot through the body, YuanMen around, almost emptied a piece.tvb潜行狙击|





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