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中央一台新闻联播港印广告扇Lyu3 bu4 name, in the central plains may not be popular, but in the grasslands, even hostile xianbei, the huns, mentioned lyu3 bu4 name, also want to awe call a fly general, of course, this is more than a decade ago, lyu3 bu4 is bing, put it now, remember lyu3 bu4 name after all not many people."You are a general, any time, must pay attention to their image!" Frowned, lyu3 bu4 looked at Han De way: "tidy up your armor!"

"If you're serious, you'll have to start with Peikung Po-yu." Yangwang eyes a bright, looking out of the hall, leisurely said."Lingzhou?" Niyang camp, heard the report, zhang liao came to the map, smiled and said: "it seems that ziming has been stationed in fuping, there are two places, can protect our army without worry, tube general, please lead one thousand troops into goju, echoed with our main force, I will inform seibel general, another one thousand troops in you.""Master, the lee is coming, outside the camp to see you."中央一台新闻联播Horseshoe tapping the sound of the earth, shattered the short-lived joy, to break the empty screaming awakened the drunk huns warrior, accompanied by a dense burst of empty sound, countless arrows from the sky with the shrill screaming tears the quiet of the night.

中央一台新闻联播Huai county, satrap mansion."Now stationed in xinfeng, a few days ago and lyu3 bu4 under a team played a game, didn't get cheap, but it is said jun to cavalry infantry, but the final casualties are quite, calculate up, jun lost." Pound sank."Sister ~" felt a slight chill in her chest, followed by a pair of hot hands, Joe exclaimed at the red-faced Joe.

"Oh?" Lyu3 bu4 twisted his head and looked at Giffin. "What's your plan, sir?""General, even if d retreat in jing, but Korea hence will not stop here, give d a chance to come back, if d a defeat, Korea hence in the west cool prestige will rise, under its eighty thousand west cool, if it occupies the west cool, will inevitably pose a major threat to our army, even if we send troops to attack, I'm afraid our army is difficult to resist." Xu sheng stood beside seibel, looking at the map sink a track.中央一台新闻联播




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